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Convenes 2023 Interim Work Conference


  On August 9-10, China Huarong held the 2023 Interim Work Conference in Beijing. Zhu Hexin, Secretary to the Party committee and Chairperson of CITIC Group Corporation, attended the conference and delivered a speech. Liu Zhengjun, Member of the Party committee and Vice President of CITIC Group Corporation as well as Secretary to the Party committee and Chairperson of China Huarong, also gave a speech. Li Zimin, Deputy Secretary to the Party committee and President of China Huarong made a work report for the first half of the year. The conference was presided over by Hu Jianzhong, Deputy Secretary to the Party committee and Chairperson of the Board of Supervisors of China Huarong. Officials from the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and National Financial Regulatory Administration (NFRA), representatives on behalf of the shareholders and heads of relevant departments of CITIC Group Corporation were invited to attend the conference.

  Zhu Hexin pointed out that since Huarong joined the CITIC family about one year ago, the MOF, NFRA and other departments and shareholders such as China Insurance Investment have given great support and help. Led by the Party committee of the CITIC Group, Huarong thoroughly implemented the guiding principles of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and took a series of solid and powerful measures in resolving problems revealed by the central disciplinary inspection, business management, deepening reform and team building in accordance with the overall guidelines of “consolidating the foundation, seeking progress while maintaining stability and improving quality and efficiency”. It has sped up in promoting new reforms, accumulated new power, and continuously consolidated the upward momentum of development. The great changes that have taken place in Huarong over the past year have further enhanced the confidence of the Group in firmly supporting Huarong. Regarding the following work arrangements, Zhu Hexin put forward three requirements: firstly, persistently promote the theoretical study program and comprehensively strengthen Party building; secondly, conduct extensive and in-depth investigations and studies to comprehensively promote reform and development; thirdly, maintain right direction while innovate to win the arduous fight against risk resolution and transformation, and fully implement the “one-three-five” strategic goals of getting on the right track in one year, significantly improving quality and efficiency in three years and becoming industry benchmark in five years.

  Liu Zhengjun pointed out that this conference further unified thoughts and reached consensus, and achieved comprehensive arrangements for accelerating the “one-three-five” strategy. The Company should implement the guiding principles of the 2023 Interim Conference of the Group and the instructions made by Chairperson Zhu Hexin, keep a clear mind, take the strategic initiative, change the business philosophy, enhance the company image, and make Huarong truly become a “trustworthy, professional and respected” enterprise. All levels of the Company should strengthen confidence, build on the good momentum, fully rely on the advantages of the Group’s industry and finance, firmly grasp the initiative of strategic transformation, and strive to achieve the “one-three-five” strategy.

  Li Zimin made a report and pointed out that so far this year, the Company has been full of the momentum of “sprint at the beginning”, taking the theoretical study program as the ideological engine, deepening reform as a leverage, and adhering to the two-wheel drive of risk resolution and transformation, showing four highlights and four aspects of work results. In the second half of the year, the Company will focus on five aspects: firstly, adhere to guiding development through Party building and deepen the full and rigorous self-governance of the Party; secondly, adhere to being the front-runner and strive to achieve business goals; thirdly, adhere to deepening reform and focus on strengthening strategic guidance; fourthly, adhere to high-quality development and strive to improve management efficiency; fifthly, adhere to improving conduct and focus on inspiring effective teamwork.

  During the conference, the relevant HQ departments and offices gave work guidance and policy interpretation, and external experts gave lectures on the macroeconomic situation.

  Company leaders, directors and supervisors attended the conference. Directors and other staff members of the HQ departments, branches as well as subsidiaries attended the conference at the main venue or through video conference at sub-venues.

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